Single Clean Efflorescence Remover

Cleaning Efflorescence With SingleClean™

Cleaning That White Flaky Powder Off Of Concrete, Brick, & Stucco Surfaces

When surfaces such as brick, pavers, concrete, and stucco are exposed to moisture over a long period of time, they often show a buildup of a white, powdery substance known as efflorescence. This forms as water evaporates and leaves the minerals carried with it behind -- which eventually shows up as the white buildup you see on your building materials.

Issues Related To Efflorescence

Efflorescence is not mold, and it's not toxic or harmful. However:

  • Efflorescence is a sign of exposure to moisture. It can also be a sign of water vapor passing through the surface.
  • If efflorescence builds up behind paint on a wall (even waterproof paints made for basements), it will cause the paint to blister and peel off the surface.
  • Efflorescence looks ugly, and is often mistaken for mold or mildew. This buildup is troublesome and time-consuming to clean, as it begins within the pores of concrete or brick.

Why Clean & Prevent Efflorescence?

Prevent Staining: Efflorescence builds up wherever water touches brick or concrete.

brick covered in the white, flaky powder or mineral salt known as efflorescence

Provide Protection: Where there's efflorescence, there's moisture - and mold.

a basement concrete floor slab covered in efflorescence with moldy furniture nearby

Peeling Paint: Even waterproof paints have no warranty for efflorescence!

A basement wall covered in several layers of latex waterproof paint that is peeling and showing concrete and efflorescence underneath


Multiple Issues: Sealing helps to prevent water-related damage of many kinds.

a brick wall that's covered in multiple signs of water damage, including efflorescence, algae, mildew, and crumbling, rotting mortar.  Badly in need of cleaning and tuckpointing.

SingleClean™ is the Easy Way To Clean Efflorescence!

SingleClean™ provides an easy, safe, and effective way for homeowners and contractors to clean efflorescence from building surfaces such as brick and concrete. Unlike other methods of efflorescence removal, this liquid product is able to easily remove particles of efflorescence that exist below the visible surface.

While SingleClean™ will eliminate existing sources of efflorescence, it will not prevent future efflorescence from building up again. To avoid the need to continually clean efflorescence, follow up SingleClean™ with a sliane-based concrete sealer such as SingleSeal Freeze Protect™. This seals off the pores with a penetrating, glasslike sealer that will prevent efflorescence and maintain your surfaces for many years to come.

Advantages Of SingleClean™

  • Effective on existing and new concrete
  • Easy Application: Little Or No Scrubbing Required
  • Pulls Efflorescence Particles From Below The Surface
  • Restores Appearance Of Cementitious Materials Marred By Efflorescence
  • Prepares Concrete & Brick Surfaces For Sealing


Single Clean SDS