Stucco Sealer

Sealing Stucco With SingleSeal Freeze Protect™

Preserve Stucco Surfaces With Our Easy-To-Apply Sealer

Stucco is a dense material that's filled with pores along its surface. There are a lot of ways for moisture to enter!

This is especially true as the material begins to age, and to shrink and expand with temperature and moisture. It's also common for stucco to form small cracks along its surface as a home shifts and settles over time.

How Moisture Damages Stucco

As with most building materials, the primary enemy of stucco is moisture. This moisture can seep in through the pores of stucco, where it can become trapped and damage it. Water can also bring in dirt, minerals, and debris that are left behind as it evaporates.

Signs of water-damaged stucco include all of the following:

  • Unpleasant, discolored patches along the stucco's surface
  • Growth of algae, mold, mildew, and moss on stucco surfaces
  • Rust/corrosion of the supportive wire mesh within the stucco
  • Mold growth and rotting damage to stucco and supporting wood framework
  • Accelerated cracking during freezing conditions

Seal Stucco With Our Easy-To-Use SingleSeal Freeze Protect™!

SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ provides you with a long-lasting, easy way to protect your stucco surfaces with a sealer that will not peel or flake away, discolor when exposed to UV rays, or change the appearance of your stucco surfaces. Instead, it penetrates deep within the pores of your stucco, creating a glasslike silicon barrier just below the visible surface. This barrier will keep water from ever entering your material -- as well as the dirt and residue that water carries with it!

Once SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ has been applied to a stucco surface, it will be protected from stains, water damage to the materials, and fungal growth -- and will also be sealed against any water vapor that would otherwise pass through the stucco to the other side. Additionally, because water cannot penetrate your stucco materials, it will not be able to freeze and expand under the surface. This is a common reason that stuco begins to crack and chip away.

Advantages Of SingleSeal Freeze Protect™:

  • Effective on existing and new concrete
  • Easy to use by both homeowners and contractors
  • Dries within 2-4 hours
  • Can be applied to damp and/or dry brick surfaces
  • May be used in below-freezing temperatures of 28°F and rising
  • Inorganic, non-toxic, latex-free design will not support mold growth
  • Treated surface may be painted over.
  • Prepares brick walls to be finished over with drywall and insulation
  • Great for vertical application because of its rapid penetration rate