Single Seal Freeze Protect

In order to protect your construction from environmental damage, exposed surfaces must be sealed. Traditional sealer is often unsightly or age poorly, yellowing and cracking with age.

Professional Products Direct offers Single Seal & Freeze Protect for your concrete, brick, and stucco surfaces – it dries transparent and won’t deteriorate with age, leaving your surfaces protected for years. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor sealer, underground, or above-ground products, Professional Products Direct has the right sealant for you.

Single Seal & Freeze Protect prevents the problems of cracks and spalling. By spraying Single Seal & Freeze protect onto your concrete or other porous surface, you are infusing the concrete with an semi-permeable layer of weather-resistant sealant. This prevents liquid water from escaping but can escape as a gas without causing harm to the concrete. It also bonds the outer layer of the concrete to prevent chipping.


SSFP Data Sheet
Single Seal/Freeze Protect SDS
Single Seal/Freeze Protect TDS
Single Seal/Freeze Protect Cold Weather Test