Professional Products Direct Distributors

Join a Successful Team of Distributors Worldwide

Do you want…

  • a line of products to resell or install that will bring you solid profits and a great upsell option for your customers?
  • products that your customers desire — because they’re designed to be superior to other products on the market?
  • to be associated with a company that will actively support your efforts and help you market these products?

That’s exactly what we offer at Professional Products Direct.

Most importantly, we want to see you succeed so that we can both work towards sustaining relationships and gaining repeat business. We’re staffed with people who have many years of experience in sales processes. We know how to obtain reorders, offer excellent customer service that’s available even after hours; and provide website support that brings a steady supply of leads — which we turn over to you!

Advantages of Professional Products Direct Products

Profit: Our products carry good markup to supply contractors and do-it-yourself customers. We have good margins because our large volume purchasing and superior manufacturing, custom blending companies working together to deliver the industry’s leading products.

Convenient Shipping Options: When you place an order with us, we can drop ship directly to your customer or you can stock product to save on freight and shorten the delivery time to your customer.

Internet: We’ll turn over any leads from our website to you if you’re stocking product. We’re constantly updating our website to ensure proper search engine optimization and updated product information.

Referrals: Army Corps of Engineers, Precast Manufacturers, Contractors, Property Managers, Flooring Companies, Homeowners

Marketing Materials: We can supply you with interactive point-of-purchase displays and have figured out a way to give a prospect the exact information to fit their specific needs, rather than a general brochure.

Sales Training: Our sales staff training and service policies are based on years of sales experience in vapor proofing product distribution.