Gradeline Sealer

SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ As A Superior Grade Line Sealer

A Clear, Water-Based, Easy-To-Use Gradelines Sealer (Damp Proofing) For Faster, Cleaner Construction

During new construction of a concrete foundation, the foreman will often decide to apply a layer of tar on the outside surface of the walls as a grade line sealer.

The tar is intended to protect from water and moisture within the soil, which would seep into the concrete and contribute to humidity and efflorescence buildup in the basement. Additionally, moisture in the concrete could lead to spalling concrete during construction in situations where below-freezing temperatures are likely.

Using SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ provides a superior option when damp proofing a foundation -- one that is faster, easier, and more convenient. To speak with a representative about SingleSeal Freeze Protect, contact us at 855-908-3837, or order it online today! International orders are welcome and distributorship opportunities are available.

Issues With Gradeline Tar

Common problems with gradeline tar include the following:

  • Gradeline tar is difficult and time-consuming to install properly.
  • Damp proofing tar can easily dry out and crack, negating any protection that would have been provided.
  • Gradeline tar makes for terrible cleanup, and can damage installation equipment if not thoroughly cleaned.
  • Damp proofing tar comes with various environmental concerns.

If gradeline tar has been applied below the soil line, it does not provide protection to the untreated portion of the concrete, and moisture can still enter the concrete. When the gradeline tar is applied above the soil line, unsightly sections of black tar will be visible after construction.

Damp Proofing With Tar

Installation Issues: Tar is difficult and time consuming to install correctly.

Incomplete grade line tar installation along a concrete foundation wall used as damp proofing.

Visible Tar: Tar that has been applied above grade line will be visible.


A view along the foundation of a house, where grade line tar was applied above the grade.  A black line of tar is visible on the concrete.

48+ Hours To Dry: Gradeline tar can take 48 hours or more to dry.


Freshly applied tar on a foundation in new construction, and not yet cured.

Poor Protection: Over time, damp proofing tar will disintegrate.


Dried and cracking tar along the concrete wall of a foundation, where a basement is being damp proofed

Use SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ In All Your Concrete Construction!

SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ provides a faster, cheaper, easier to use alternative to gradeline tar for a new concrete foundation. Applied with a simple garden sprayer or airless sprayer, it reacts with the concrete to form a silicate barrier deep within the pores of the concrete that is not visible -- which enables you to protect the concrete all the way to the top of the foundation wall.

Your foundation will now be protected from rain-driven moisture above the grade! It has been independently tested to be effective to -20 degrees, and the product is available in a convenient concentrated form that allows for easy shipping and transport to site.

With a drying time that can be as little as 20 minutes, depending on weather conditions, SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ eliminates potential scheduling issues, and can be applied with none of the challenges that come with tar -- including concerns with environmental issues and the black color. To make SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ visible for inspection, it can be ordered with a "disappearing ink" dye included, that will fade in 72 hours, while losing none of its protective qualities.

Advantages Of SingleSeal Freeze Protect™:

  • Invisible when dried, so it can be applied to the top of the wall on new foundations, and above grade on existing foundations. This will stop weather driven precipitation and resulting capillary action (see capillary action page) that will allow water to soak the concrete and anything that touches the concrete.
  • Effective on existing and new concrete
  • Protects concrete from spalling damage
  • Dries quickly - in 2-4 hours
  • Faster, cleaner application than gradeline tar
  • Can be mixed with disappearing dye for inspections
  • Does not yellow or discolor with time or exposure to sunlight
  • Can be applied to damp concrete and also newly placed (uncured) concrete surfaces
  • It has been independently tested to be effective to -20 degrees