Concrete Blanket

Eliminate The Need For Concrete Curing Blankets

Avoid The Hassle, Cost, And Scheduling Issues Associated With Concrete Blankets!

Concrete curing blankets have long been seen as a necessary evil -- with the choices being to either use them to protect the concrete in cold weather, or risk significant spalling damage to the concrete surfaces during the construction process.

Unfortunately, these blankets are far from the ideal choice -- and lead to all sorts of scheduling issues, added costs, and piled-on challenges for the foreman to consider during construction.

Here's A Breakthrough!

Instead of using concrete blankets, we recommend using SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ -- a spray-on concrete sealer that eliminates the need for concrete blankets, while adding value and quality to the final product.

Issues With Concrete Curing Blankets

Common problems associated with concrete blankets include the following:

  • Added labor time to bring to site, set up, remove, and haul away
  • Easy to rip and damage
  • Wind can blow blankets off the surface -- no protection
  • Blankets can mar the surface of the concrete
  • Must be cleaned to avoid soiling the next job
  • An added expense -- costing $300/each or more

Most importantly, these curing blankets mean extra steps - which means longer production and a less profitable construction project.

Concrete Curing Blankets

Unreliable Option: Wind-blown blankets mean no protection for concrete.

Exposed concrete on a sidewalk due to wind blowing the concrete curing blanket away from the surface



Insulation Issues: Blanket insulation tends to bunch up in one spot.

Concrete blankets protecting a sidewalk, with most of the insulation bunched up along one side.



Tears & Holes: Flimsy concrete blankets easily rip and tear.

Large rips and tears in a concrete thermal blanket that will cause multiple issues as it works to protect the concrete



Added Hassle: Concrete blankets take time & labor to load and unload.

A foreman lugging a large concrete blanket away from a work site after the concrete has cured.

Treat Foundations With SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ Instead Of Using Curing Blankets!

Applying water-based SingleSeal Freeze Protect™ eliminates the need for concrete blankets by creating a glasslike silicate barrier deep within the pores of the concrete. This barrier is completely invisible, and will not change the appearance, feel, or texture of the concrete. However, water that lands on the concrete will bead up like mercury instead of being absorbed into the concrete, where it would normally freeze and potentially lead to spalling concrete.

This barrier will last for years - providing a vapor barrier that will eliminate the need for plastic vapor barriers and will eliminate vapor transmission through foundation walls, if applied on those surfaces. This will drastically simplify the building process, eliminating steps and the need to keep additional materials on hand.

Advantages Of SingleSeal Freeze Protect™:

  • Can be used in lieu of concrete blankets, vapor barriers, and exterior/interior damp proofing
  • Protects concrete from spalling damage
  • Prevents capillary action and stops moisture from entering concrete
  • Dries quickly & invisibly -- in as little as 20 minutes
  • Can be applied to clean, existing, damp concrete as well as newly placed (uncured) concrete surfaces
  • Fast, easy application
  • Non-toxic, safe-to-use formula
  • Can be mixed with disappearing ink for inspections
  • Does not yellow or discolor with time or exposure to sunlight
  • Can be used in below-freezing temperatures of 28°F and rising

Additionally, because the product applies in an a non-visible coat, it can be used for exterior damp proofing -- all the way to the top of the wall!